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globalswiftcode.com is a site that contains Swift Code all around the Globe.


You must agree to the Terms and Conditions we made, if you want to continue using globalswiftcode.com.


If you are not pleased with these Terms and Conditions, please do not continue to use them. We do this solely to avoid claims arising from the use of information contained on this site.


The Terms and Conditions that we enforce at globalswiftcode.com are as follows:


1. globalswiftcode.com always tries to provide accurate and truthful information.


2. You are welcome to contact the contact address or telephone number concerned to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of the information.


3. The Swift Code we enter on this website are the Swift Code that we have summarized in various ways.


4. All problems caused by the use of this site are the responsibility of each user, not the responsibility of globalswiftcode.com.


5.  globalswiftcode.com provides links to other sites with the aim of making it easy for you to get the information you are looking for. We are not responsible for the content and availability of sites operated and controlled by these third parties. Access and use remain at your own risk. globalswiftcode.com will not be responsible for direct, indirect, consequential damages and or losses of any kind arising from your access to the site.


6. Other matters that have not been regulated and are listed in these Terms and Conditions, we will add them if deemed necessary.


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